Stress in Teens

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Stress is normal; it’s a physical response to threatening situations that many teenagers face on a daily basis. It’s not just school that puts stress on teenagers, but home life and the media too. Many things cause teens to have stress; in and out of school it’s a problem that can greatly affect them. The biggest issue is that adults don’t know the signs of too much stress and how to relieve their child or student of the pressure.

The main cause of stress in teens is school. Although more factors play roles in young anxiety, academics are the hardest to escape. The high amount of homework students get has risen over the years; starting in young grades. This homework problem may cause students to spend hours every night on just schoolwork, leaving no time for friends and family. There was a time a generation ago when students could do well in school, take up a sport, play an instrument, and participate in a youth group—and still have free time (Overburdened, Overwhelmed). Lawrence Hardy, writer of “Overburdened, Overwhelmed” states that competition puts incredible pressure on students to stand out. This competition is from colleges, expecting more from graduating students; the overall GPA and SAT scores are the make it our break it, and students know that. The testing in schools has become more and more important, students are pushed by teaches to do well on exams that put extreme unnecessary pressure on already stressed teens. Parents also add to the academic stress, the expectations adults put on their children to do well just adds to the fear of not doing good enough. Author of Academic Anxiety, Frances O’Connor writes most parents are interested in seeing their children live up to their full potential and develop the best skills and abilities they can in the class room. These expectations are what teenagers fear they will not reach, causing unneeded anxiety. Other factors that add to the stress are learning disabilities, the need to “fit in” and the...
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