Stress for Exams

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Stress from exams

As we get older are education gets harder and harder to understand. At the end of every subject we have exams to prove how much we have learned from this subject. However having all this knowledge ride on 1 test can become extremely stressful and often wondered if its all worth it. In the end when it all comes up to get the job. Will the exams honestly come into place for the job? Will the manager see the exams and the scores compare them to the other UN employed running for the job.

Preparing for the exam brings many students to walls that are very hard to conquer. For some it is physically being able to stay up and study for that long. For others it is mentally being able get through all the studying and being able to just stop and hit the books. Some of the students where wondering if it was fair to put all of this pressure onto them even though they have normal school and have all there normal problems to deal with. Why are we put with the exams? Do they honestly prove what we have learned through the year? Or is it just testing if we are able to recall and learn the subject again all for 1 test which is 20% of your final mark in grade 10 and for grade 11’s and 12’s it is 40%. If we are taking the exams now and learning it all again then what is the point of learning It all in the past throughout the school year.
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