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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Analiese Brown
3.03 Manage Your Stress

Stress is a common element found in everyone’s life (adults, teens, etc.). Everyone gets so overwhelmed while under stress, that they forget how to handle it. When I’m under stress I decide to do breathing exercises, play so basketball, or listen to music. These stress relievers can all help you get your mind off of your problems and get you focused on what you’re doing.

When I was under stress, for my Relaxation Technique, I chose to do different breathing exercises. Breathing can help you maintain a good physical and mental state of mind. Recently, I was assigned about one to two projects in each of my six classes, all within one week and they were all due on the same day. I thought I would be able to do it by doing a little bit each day. It turned out that I had done too little and about two days before they were due, I was so stressed out that I cried and didn’t know how to handle this situation. I put everything that needed to be done out in front of me and just stopped. I closed my eyes and did breathing exercises. I took several deep breaths and came back to my senses. I finished about three of the projects late that night and talked to my teachers about extending the due dates for the other projects. Thanks to breathing, it brought me back into a peaceful state of mind when I was able to solve my problems with logic and reasoning.

Sometimes you just need to clear your mind. Stress just takes over your body and it overpowers you. You need to know how to control it by doing something physical. Physical activities take your mind off of things and they get you focused on what you’re doing, so for the time being you don’t remember that you were under stress, and once you’re done with your activity, you feel more relaxed and ready to handle it. I like to take a walk and think about my problems (peacefully) and how to solve them. When taking a walk, I never really know where I’m going to end up. I just walk around...
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