Stress Essay

Topics: Eustress, Pleasure, Life Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: November 7, 2011

“A little bit of stress is useful - it keeps people in their toes.”

Every one of us has experienced it, everybody talk about it but in fact almost nobody makes the effort to understand what exactly the stress is. And it is really not easy to find a generally acceptable definition of the term “stress”. If we look deeper into the origins of the word, it seems that it came into the English language from the old French word “destresse”. It means “to be placed under narrowness or oppression” (Managing Stress). The concept of the stress as a whole is very old. Probably still the prehistoric person noticed that the exhaustion after hard work, long stay on a cold or on heat, fear or any disease have something in common. He did not find similarity in reactions to all, that exceeded his capabilities, but when this sensation came, he instinctively understood that he has reached his limit.

For the first researchers of this problem the greatest obstacle have been inability to distinguish distress, which is always unpleasant, from the general representations of the stress, including pleasant experiences, pleasures, achievements and self-expression as well. The stress is the aroma and the taste of a life. As stress is directly connected to any activity and only the one who does nothing, can avoid it. But to whom is the life pleasant without aspirations, without successes, without mistakes ? Furthermore, some kinds of activities have curative force and can help us hold the levels of stress below the critical limit. It is widely known, that work therapy is the best method of treatment for some mental illnesses, and constant muscle exercises support vivacity and vitality. (L.A. Kitaev, Psychology of the stress)

Stress does not always result in damage. There are either pleasant or unpleasant stressors. The stress effect depends on the intensity of the requirements for the adaptive ability of an organism. Any normal activity - a chess game and even passionate hug...
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