Stress Effects and Management Proposal

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Stress Effects and Management Proposal
Debbie Cooper
May 28, 2012

Stress Effects and Management Proposal
How each individual chooses to relieve their level of stress is a purely personal matter. Stress is reported to cost employers production and money. Certain levels of stress are beneficial to society and individuals, this allows for positive growth; although long term exposure to stress can cause ill-effects to one’s well-being. Work place stress, otherwise known as occupational stress is said by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization to be a global occurrence. It is estimated that occupational stress causes US employers a loss of up to $200 billion a year. This includes low productivity, workers’ compensation claims, staff turnover, and absenteeism. Understanding the effects of stress and techniques to offset its effects is key to being successful. The effects of stress are difficult to pinpoint because stress affects each individual differently. “Things that are distressful for some individuals can be pleasurable for others” ("Effects of Stress", n.d.). Some of the signs are: * headaches

* dry mouth
* insomnia
* weight gain or loss
* chest pains
* outburst of anger. It is up to each individual to choose a technique that will work successfully for them, to elevate their stress levels. Technique

This researcher has chosen a form of yoga that is combined with meditation that a local instructor designed to help clients achieve their highest level of stress relief. This technique helps to target areas in one’s life that they can use to achieve their highest goals. This technique has helped this researcher without the added stress of finding a new technique and implementing the steps for that technique to be successful. The yoga technique is an ancient practice that “is becoming increasingly popular in the United States as people...
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