Stress Disorders

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Appendix D

Psychological and Psychophysiological Stress Disorders

Respond to the following:

1. Stress can be the root cause of psychological disorders. Name four symptoms shared by acute and posttraumatic stress disorders.

• Re-experiencing traumatic events; recurring nightmares, dreams, or memories connected to a traumatic event.

• Avoidance towards activities that bring memories of the traumatic event.

• Lack of responsiveness or a feeling of detachment from others. Trouble with memory, feeling of derealization.

• Increased anxiety, arousal, or guilt. They may feel guilty of surviving a traumatic event, an increase in awareness, and trouble with concentrating or sleeping.

2. What life events are most likely to trigger a stress disorder?

There are several events that can trigger a stress disorder. Combat is a major even that may cause acute stress disorder or PTSD. Natural disasters are also responsible for triggering stress disorders. Victimization and terrorism may also cause stress disorders.

3. Traumatic events do not always result in a diagnosable psychological disorder. What factors determine how a person may be affected by one such event?

Certain factors such as biological or genetics, personality, childhood experiences, social support, and the severity of trauma helps to determine how a person may be affected by an event that could potentially cause stress disorders.

4. What are the four stages in meeting the psychological needs of disaster victims?

The first stage in meeting psychological needs of disaster victims is educating them of the symptoms involved and reassuring them these are normal in such circumstances. This will help to normalize their feelings and may feel more at ease with them.

The second stage includes encouraging survivors to express their anxiety, anger, and...
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