Stress and Teens

Topics: Problem solving, Adolescence, Suicide Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Stress and its effects on the young today.

When becoming a teen your parents say that it is “the best years of your life.” the rosy remembrance highlights, the always happy go lucky groups, students energetically involved in a dance or sporting event, and the perfect and loving couple holding hands or sipping a milkshake at a restaurant. This is the perfect picture that everyone thinks its suppose to be like. Life for many teens is a painful tug, of war riddled with mixed emotions and conflicting demands that come from parents, teachers, coaches, employers, friends, and oneself. Growing up is a negotiating path between reliance on others or independence. It creates stress, and can cause serious depression to teens who are ill-equipped to cope, communicate and solve problems.

Stress and depression are serious problems for teenagers. Many teens that aren’t depressed and seem to handle their problems in constructive ways, but a great amount of teens suffer from mild to server depression. These young people often rely on passive or negative behaviors in their attempts to deal with their problems. Stress is characterized by feelings of tension, frustration, worry, sadness and withdrawal that commonly last from a few hours to a few days. Depression is a more severe and longer lasting then stress. About 9 percent of high school students are severely stressed, which is important cause stress is an important factor for suicide. Most suicide attempts are made cause the teen is overly stressed or severely depressed. Some events that may cause stress to fall upon a teen would be break up wit boy/girl friend, increased arguments with parents, trouble with brother or sister, increased arguments between parents, and trouble with classmates. These events are centered between two most important life domains: home and school. These two areas relate to the issue of conflict and loss. The primary source of tension and trouble for teens and their friends were: relationships...
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