Stress and Struggle Among Preschool Children in Hospitalization

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Apart from the efforts of researcher, the success of any project depends largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. The researcher take this opportunity to express a gratitude to the people who played an important role in the successful completion of this project.


Background: Staff nurses are exposed to blood and other body fluids in the course of their day to day activities in general medical ward. Standard precautions are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of microorganisms from both recognized and unrecognized sources to health care workers, patient as well as environment. This survey will assess level of knowledge, attitudes and practices among nurses in general medical ward.Methodology: This was a cross-sectional survey that conducted in 2 weeks that is on 10 October until 24 October 2012. A self-administered, anonymous questionnaire will distribute to 120 nurses that randomly selected in general medical ward and the return rate 100%. This question comprised four sections (socio-demographic and occupational characteristics, knowledge on standard precaution, attitude towards standard precaution and standard precaution practices). Findings: Through the socio-demographic findings, most of the respondents were female (87%) and 61% of respondents aged between 22 and 29 years. Most respondents have work experience of 2 to 4 years (32%) and more than 6 years (33%) . 93% of the respondents are diploma holders nurses and respectively remaining 3% are certificates and degrees holders. 100% of the respondents were trained in infection control program. Overall respondents had positive knowledge, attitudes and practices on standard precaution guidelines. Knowledge level is the level of' ‘high’ (80%), the attitude is 'positive' (85%) and high to moderate" in the practice of the precautionary measures 'standard precaution' (90% and 10%). Conclusions: The knowledge, attitudes and compliance among nurses towards standard precautions are adequate precaution. While these findings are positive, further study should be done for other categories such as doctors, physiotherapists, support services, etc. to determine the factors that contribute nosocomial infection in general medical ward.

Keyword: Standard precaution, knowledge, attitude, practices, staff nurse, general medical ward.

Latar belakang kajian: Setiap jururawat berisiko untuk terdedah kepada darah dan cecair badan melalui aktiviti harian yang dijalankan di wad perubatan am. Langkah berjaga-jaga ‘standard precaution’ adalah direka untuk mengurangkan risiko jangkitan mikroorganisma dari kedua-dua sumber yang telah dikenal pasti dan belum dikenal pasti kepada kakitangan kesihatan, pesakit serta persekitaran tempat kerja. Kaji selidik ini bertujuan menilai tahap pengetahuan, sikap dan amalan di kalangan jururawat di wad perubatan am. Metodologi: Ini adalah kajian keratan rentas yang dijalankan selama 2 minggu iaitu dari 10 Oktober hingga 24 Oktober 2012. Kajian soal selidik tanpa nama telah diagihkan kepada 120 jururawat yang dipilih secara rawak di wad perubatan am dan kadar pulangan adalah 100%. Soalan ini terdiri daripada empat bahagian (ciri-ciri sosio-demografi dan pekerjaan, pengetahuan mengenai langkah berjaga-jaga ‘standard precaution’, sikap ke arah langkah berjaga-jaga ‘standard precaution’ dan amalan langkah berjaga-jaga ‘standard precaution’) Penemuan: Melalui penemuan sosio-demografi, kebanyakan responden adalah perempuan (87% dan 61% daripada responden berumur antara 22 hingga 29 tahun. Kebanyakan responden mempunyai pengalaman bekerja antara 2 hingga 4 tahun (32%) dan lebih dari 6 tahun (33%). 93% daripada responden merupakan jururawat pemegang diploma dan selebihnya masing-masing 3% terdiri daripada pemegang sijil dan ijazah.100% daripada responden telah dilatih dalam program kawalan jangkitan. Keseluruhan responden mempunyai pengetahuan, sikap dan amalan yang positif terhadap garis...
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