Stress and Self Esteem

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Stress and Self Esteem

In recent studies philosophers have discussed whether stress and self-esteem have any relations to one another. Does the effect of a person’s stress affect their self esteem? It might seem that a person with low self esteem could be the effects of a high level of stress. Self-Esteem affects everyone, especially teenagers. The articles suggest that there may be other factors that influence stress and self esteem.

“The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines stress as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation.” It may seem confusing but everyone has dealt with stress in their lifetime. Stress is something that is not diagnosed by a doctor, but when a person is stressed, they can definitely feel it (R., Jill, 2012, par 2). What is self esteem? It is the opinion you have for yourself and your value as a person. Self confidence is also a major role in self esteem.

Studies have shown that there is a negative relationship between self esteem and stress. It was also found that self esteem appears to control the effects of stress on psychological functioning. Those with low self esteem distribute more of a higher stress level than those with a high self esteem. By having a high self esteem it makes dealing with stress easier. High self esteem may protect the individual from distress by allowing the individual to feel less vulnerable and help them rise up from difficult situations. High self esteem may also result in more active and effective coping and in enhanced motivation in response to stress (Abel, 1996). Individuals have their own way they deal with stress and their self esteem. Stress and self esteem have relations to one another but people deal with things differently.

“Another study examined self esteem as a moderator of the influence of perceived stress and coping on...
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