Stress and Burn Out

Topics: Employment, Employee assistance programs, Stress Pages: 4 (930 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Stress and Burnout
Jessica Bright
Dr. Sheila Schmitz
OMM618 Human Resources Management
July 15, 2013

Stress and Burn Out

In society people desire to obtain a job that will make them happy, and successful. Companies and organizations desire to run a successful and profitable company with happy, productful, responsible employees. Sometimes the plan does not always go according to the blueprint that it was based off. Employees become burnout and stressed due to work related and personal problems. In dealing with work-related stress and being burnout, both employees and employers face problems.

The negative affects of stress can affect employees health and well being which will ultimately cause a decline in production and revenue. Stress can be defined as the response to a situation that can be seen as challenging or threatening to the persons well being (Schaufeli, W.B., Taris, T.W., and Van Rhenen, W, 2008). Being stressed and burnout sometimes is usually difficult to deal with because every person reacts differently. There are numerous factors that lead into employees becoming stressed and they includes being overworked, underpaid, and job security (Schaufeli, W.B., Taris, T.W., and Van Rhenen, W, 2008). The trouble starts to take affect when employees begin to take on more responsibilities, and loose control over their work. They start performing less and less and the quality of their work starts to decline. The company then begins to feel the affect of a burnout and stressed employee. It is a good idea for companies and organizations to have EAP or Employee Assistance Programs where employees can turn to for assistance. Usually the EAP program has the resources to provide the employee with a list of alternatives or solutions to

their problems. Sometimes it helps to lift some of the burden and stress from the employee when they know that there is someone who can help or listen.
Having employee assistance programs is one of the many...
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