Stress and Burn Out

Topics: Employment, Stress, Burnout Pages: 4 (1017 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Running Head: Stress and Burnout


Over the past decade the problem of employees becoming stressed and burned out from coping with increasing work responsibilities. The Employees deal with the various facts associated with increasingly experiencing stressed out and burn out from their everyday activities that they perform at work. They are helpless in their efforts to keep up the productivity and the stress eventually runs into the families of the victims.

Everday we all are faced with different Dilemas with burnout and stress,. The Five articles chosen for this assignment written by Alters, Hildebrand, ledger, Boyes and Coombes express the factors of burn out and stress. Burnout can be described as the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially where one's devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce the desired results, and is a stress-related state, but there are several factors that does contribute to burnout, including job-related features, lifestyle factors and personality characteristics (Hildebrand, 2007).

For those employees who are concerned about the health and welfare of their employees in the workplace, there are a few signs to tell if your employees experience the burnout effect. Hildebrand describes four signs are as follows: 1) Change in attitude: Someone who goes rom upbeat to disagreeable and becomes less sociable or patient with co-workers. 2) Change in performance: A well performing employee who suddenly has an increase in errors and missed deadlines along with a decrease in productivity. 3) Change in attendance: Increased absences, arriving late or leaving early and/or foregoing breaks and lunch to work. 4) Change in work habits: Poor time management, disorganization, poor follow up, and lack of concentration. 4) Change in health: Aches and pains, sluggishness, upset stomach, short temper, and sleeplessness (Hildebrand, 2007). The first step in addressing burnout is to figure out...
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