Stress Analysis of Employees in Insurance Sector.

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About The Topic: The concept of stress was first introduced in the life sciences by Hans Selye in 1936. It is a concept borrowed from the natural sciences. Derived from the Latin word “Stringere”, stress was popularly used in the seventeenth century to mean hardship, strain, adversity or affection. It was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to denote force, pressure, strain or strong effort with reference to an object or person. Stress is the general term to be applied to the pressure people feels in life. The presence of stress at work is almost inevitable in many jobs. However, individual difference account for a wide range of reaction to stress; a task viewed as challenging by one person may produce may produce high levels of anxiety in another. When pressure begins to build up, it can cause adverse strain on a person’s emotions, through processes, and physical condition. When stress becomes excessive, employees develop various symptoms of stress that can harm their performance and health, and even threaten their ability to cope with the environment. People who stressed may become nervous and chronically worried. They are easily provoked to anger and are unable to relax. They may be uncooperative or use alcohol or other drugs excessively. Although these conditions also occur from other causes, they are common symptoms of underlying stress.

Effects of Stress: Stress also leads to physical disorders, because the internal body system changes to try to cope with stress. Some physical disorders are short- range, such as an upset stomach. Others are longer – range, such as a stomach ulcer. “Stress over a prolonged time also leads to degenerative diseases of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and other parts of the body. It can result in angina and tension headaches. Therefore, it is important that stress, both on and off the job, be kept at a level low enough for most people to tolerate without developing either emotional or physical disorders.

CONSEQUENCES OF STRESS: An individual who is experiencing a high level of stress may develop high blood pressure, ulcers, irritability, and difficulty in making routine decisions, loss of appetite, accident pronesses, and the like. These can be subsumed under three general categories: physiological, psychological, and behavioral symptoms.

Significance of the Study:
• The study will help the student to understand the concept and working of stress in detail. • It will be useful for employees of insurance companies and it will enable them to understand the stress and its impact. • Stress is an important and emerging field and study is useful in all organizational contexts.

Approach: Research will be mainly descriptive in nature using random sampling the approximately data size is about 80 respondents. Data is collected through both primary as well as secondary sources using structured questionnaire. Secondary data is collected through a number of published and unpublished sources, management literature journals and internet.

Objective the Research:
1) To study the stress levels of sales force in insurance sector. 2) To identify the various causes of stress.
3) To work out the coping strategy to reduce the level of stress. 4) Collection of data and representing them graphically.

The study shows that in ICICI Prudential employees say that level of stress low 61%, optimum 39%. In HDFC Standard Life employees say that the level of stress low 54%, optimum 46%. In LIC employees says that level of stress low 90%, optimum 10%. In ING Vysya employees say that the level of stress low 47%, optimum 53%. In Bharti AXA Life 70% employees have low stress while 30% have optimum stress....
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