Stress After Joining Engineering

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Today, Engineering is a branch which attracts a lot of students all over the world. With a lot of sub-divisions within the stream, students are given a wide spectrum of choices to choose from. But given the difficulty that comes along with the course, it is not easy to graduate as an engineer. Engineering students often claim that their lives become difficult due to the strenuous physical and mental activity the course demands from them, but is it true? What happens to the life of a student after joining engineering?

Let’s go back in the days when we were little kids playing around in Kindergarten and Primary School, oblivious to the world’s problems and getting away with mistakes. “Ignorance is bliss.” This idiom suited best for that time period. Most of us say that the time we spent in school has been the best time ever and we often reminisce about it.

School Tournaments, learning how to befriend someone, values, punishments, uniforms, school bus rides, Friday as the last working day and many other instances often makes us feel nostalgic and how we wish we could revisit those days back again.

After our class 10th exams, we chose streams among Commerce, Science and Arts and went to different colleges. Life in Junior College was also quite easy despite being grilled by teachers, parents and tuition teachers about the importance of class 12th exams. Most of us learnt about bunking lectures in this time-frame and many of us didn’t sit for lectures because the requirement for attendance in their college wasn’t given much priority. Some of us then chose to do engineering, some were forcefully made to choose engineering and some others just took engineering because they didn’t know what else to do.

We then studied for long hours in the night, trying to wrap our heads around different concepts required for cracking competitive exams like MH-CET and IIT-JEE. To get into a good, popular engineering college was the main concern back then. Later, based on the marks we scored, our priorities changed. For the ones who scored well and topped the exams, they were well sorted with the college they preferred. For those who didn’t, relying on minority status and donations was the only option left to join an engineering college.

So after persevering for quite some time, few of us saw our efforts paying off and we somehow joined an engineering college, thus, starting a new phase in our life and a journey towards becoming an engineer.


Well, most of the engineering students vividly remember their first day in an engineering college. The adrenaline rush you get the night before you go to attend your first day in the college is pretty usual. You get up in the morning, anxious and excited, follow your daily routine, try to look your best and get out of your house wondering how things will unfold on your very first day.


Most of the engineering students in Mumbai commute by trains to reach their respective colleges. For those who haven’t traveled by trains ever, this very experience on the first day is such that it cannot be put up in words. Especially if the college you joined is located at a place which is industry-oriented. On reaching the train station, the first thing you can notice is the chaotic crowd around you. Everyone is moving around helter-skelter and you somehow feel lost in the crowd. If you are traveling for the first time in a train, you would not expect the train to be much crowded. But as soon as the train arrives at the platform, reality strikes you out cold.

The very first thing you notice is that despite the fact that the train is crowded, you will still...
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