Strep Throat

Topics: Infectious disease, Lymphatic system, Infection Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: April 12, 2013
roat infection with strep bacteria can cause a variety of symptoms associated with inflammation of the throat and its nearby structures. Symptoms usually begin within a few days after contracting the infection. The throat can become red and swollen. White patches may be visible on the back of the throat and the tonsils, suggesting the presence of pus. The presence of fever, swollen lymph nodes on the sides of the neck, and white patches on the tonsils along with the absence of cough. Sudden onset of sore throat, Headache, and painful swallowing. To tell they are sick with strep is to take your temperature and go to the doctor to go get tested. To make yourself better you need to take all your antibiotics that the doctor has given you and don’t stop taking them until they are all gone. Stay away from school for 24 hours. To avoid getting strep throat is to stay away from anyone with this sickness. Do not share drinks or eating utensils. Wash your hands often. Strep throat is a contagious disease (meaning that you catch it from another person). It is caused by infection with group Strep Throat bacteria, and it's very common among teens. In fact, strep bacteria cause almost a third of all sore throats. Students tend to get strep throat most often during the school year when big groups of people are close together. The bacteria that cause strep throat tend to hang out in the nose and throat, so sneezing, coughing, or shaking hands can easily spread the strep infection from one person to another.
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