Strengths- Life Calling

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Strengths Paper
“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” This paper will discuss the many types of strengths that God has given to each and every person in some shape or form and explain my strengths. The 3 components of the Life Purpose Model are foundational values, unique design, and personal leadership. The 3 main elements in “Unique Design” include strengths, passions, and experiences.

Strengths talk about minimizing your own weaknesses and focusing on your own success. Inside strength there are 4 other categories: physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological. Inside each one of those categories there are 4 domains which include: gifts, knowledge, skills, and attitude. Within every type of strength your domain will differ because everyone is gifted differently in certain areas.

Passions are things that drive a lot of the decisions that we make. They are things that are very near to our heart and have a lot to do with how we choose to do things in our lives. Inside passions there are 3 different levels: interest, desires, and sacrifices. Interest are things that raise your attention but, aren’t things that you deeply desire to accomplish. Desires are one step above, they are things you search for and want to pursue and try to accomplish. Lastly, sacrifices are things that you would give anything to accomplish. They explain as things that you are willing to give your life for because you care so deeply about it.

Experiences are things that form our strengths and passions. Without experiences you wouldn’t have anything to look back on, whether that be a failure or a prevail. Inside experiences there are 3 things that factor into how things turn out: circumstances, intensity, and time. Changing one of these factors can altogether mold how your experience turns out.

The Strength Matrix is something made to show how the 5 different domains ( Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Psychological, and Spiritual) combined with you gifts, knowledge, skills, and attitude make up your being. It is meant to show you how in every domain you can find some strength or positive gift that you have.

The sad part about today is that most people focus on trying to fix other people rather than identifying what their talents are and deciding to support them. Our culture now a days seem to be incredibly negative. The more you begin to improve your strengths, the more you will stand out. When one focuses on their weaknesses they tend to spend so much time doubting themselves that they lose sight of their positive, strong talents.

The 4 dimensions that make up each one of the 5 strength domains are gifts, knowledge, skills, and attitude. Gifts are things that you were born with, they are thing you didn’t acquire through your own being but, were simply presented with them. Knowledge is described as things that you learn and take into your brain and then integrate into your life. Skills are things that you begin to develop through your own process and work. Lastly, attitude is your personal mindset that creates your beliefs.

These 5 domains are interrelated because today society focuses to much on just physical aspect and “smarts” but, when you put all 5 domains together, you begin to see that you have many more gifts, knowledge, and skills that you would of imagined.

The first type of strength I am going to talk about is Physical. 2 of the 8 physical strengths that I think I posses are artistry and physical appearance. I enjoy turning plain things into colorful and fun things. I like taking pictures and I tend to be a person who always has doodles covering their papers. I get great excitement in turning something from dull to beautiful and I think that is the main thing that make me have the strength of artistry. I think that I posses physical appearance because I believe I was made perfect in God’s...
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