Strengths and Weaknesses of Airasia

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Strength and weakness of AirAsia

|strength |weakness | |Low cost operations. |Service resource is limited by lower costs. | |Fewer management levels, effective, focused and aggressive |Government interference and regulation on airport deals and | |management. |passenger compensation. | |Simple proven business model that consistently delivers that lowest | | |fares. | |

“Everybody Can Fly” was the famous tagline of AirAsia, AirAsia was able to fulfil their tagline AirAsia implement the low cost operations into their management. The operating fees were as low at the minimum wage. Low airport fees, for example at Kota Kinabalu International airport most people can see that the technology or systems that was being use by AirAsia was totally different compare to MAs. Other than that, AirAsia also using only one type of Airplane for every flight this is because AirAsia will only need the same engineers for every airplane in order to save the cost.

In the management level, all the staff of AirAsia was the contributors where there are no ranks or hierarchy in the company where the upper management and their staff will be in the same room. However, all the staff was concern and focused to their customer needs such as offering the lower fares during festive season.

AirAsia business model was also proven that they was able to offer the lowest fares, where in every year AirAsia was hold the highest ranking of demand from the customers, and each year also AirAsia was...
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