Topics: Systems theory, Holism, Sociology Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 28, 2013
2: Summarising and critiquing two practice theories
In this assignment each student will summarize and critique two of the theories that have been presented. Most commonly, this will involve a comparison of the ‘strengths-based’ and ‘eco-systems’ approaches, but not necessarily (after consultation with your seminar leader, other theory traditions might be selected). The exercise will be undertaken with respect to case scenarios that represent key examples of contemporary social work practice. This enquiry is designed to intensively engage students with a comparative examination of two practice traditions. This exercise is designed to develop both content and critical knowledge.

The assignment that you hand in must be your own original work. That said, in class students will undertake a small group based enquiry that will be of assistance in preparing the individual assignments. Further details will be provided.


Due: Tuesday, 30th, April 2013

Criteria for marking this assessment:
Summary of two practice theories, nomination of key authors 7 Comparison of the two practice theories – highlighting similarities and differences
Evidence of ability to contrast the application of the two practice theories to one of the case scenarios. 10

Evidence of fluency in writing and proof reading.

Throughout history, social workers have always been required to have a holistic approach to peoples issues and to consider their interactions with the environment. Systems theory underpins much of this concept of person- environment interaction. It includes micro, meso and macro perspectives and how impact's at one level have a ripple effect on the others. System's theory is beneficial in gaining the big picture of a client's situation, which is aided strongly by it's aids such as ecomaps and various tools that give a lot of information about a person(s) in a short period of time. In contrast, the strengths based approach is...
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