Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 21, 2013
My Strengths
My strengths include communication, input, competition, learner, and woo. I believe that these traits identify my personality and style. I have had jobs in different industries, held positions at various levels in companies, managed employees, and have owned my own business. My strengths have served me well throughout my lifetime both professionally and personally. The strength I gravitate towards the most would be communication. Although I am still working on being confident with public speaking, I like to put together presentations and gather material and data. I look for new ways to present information in an educational and entertaining way. I tend to use humor, unique ways of audience participation, and technology to get my point across so my information is remembered and retained. Under the umbrella of communication is the ability to form ideas and properly convey them to others. I like the use of irony and sarcasm when telling stories or when handling stressful situations. I am able, and often do, have conversations with those around me. When I find myself in group situations with strangers or sitting next to someone in a public place, I realize that this is an ideal situation to practice communication and listening skills. I like to engage others by finding commonalities to build an easy and fun conversation. Before I met my husband my core group of friends nominated me as the, “Fun Director.” I would be the one who decided where we would spend a Friday or Saturday night and which activities we would pursue. Even though I feel I strongly possess all five traits listed, I must force myself to choose what fit my personality the least. I would agree that I subscribe to about half of the interpretations listed under competition. While I adore the feeling of testing my knowledge and preparation in a formal setting, I enter with the intention of coming away with a new understanding. Taking note of best practices, new strategies, and...
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