Strengthening the Employ Ability of Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management Through Work and Travel Program Approach

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Strengthening the Employability of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management Through work and Travel Program Approach

Jennifer D. Burgos


The case study focuses on graduates led conference as a way of engaging with their own learning in the case, the conference was the Culmination of a core module in which graduates critically Analyzed current Spent development delivery. Among the outcomes described the module team were benefits for the graduates employability. The graduates acknowledged that the Conference increase their awareness to enhance their personal skills, and Contributed in preparing them for work after graduation.

This case aims to (a) provide a picture of the attitudes and anxieties to graduates and make them transition to working life. (b) explore their views about their experienced including skills and employability development; (c) transition from adult life, and their aspirations for Careers, family and Community life, polities and protecting the environment. (d) to prepare their future employment developing their reflective thinking skills.

Based on the survey of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism between 2008 – 2010 in Isabela Philippines had a high percentage of employability because of enhancing their skill development, work experience in different hotels and restaurant local and abroad and other initiatives. Correlations were made with graduate employment outcomes incorporating the views of graduates employment and their managers.

Problem-based learning (PBL) intervention can help promote learners autonomy. Graduates were able to identify that Problem-based learning enabled them to develop employability skills such as team-working and Communication in addition to the application of contest Knowledge so to develop, articulate and demonstrate transferable employability skills and personal attribute

Key words:Curriculum, employability perceptions, skills development, work experience, reflective thinking skills.
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