Strength of Women in Trifles

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Strength in women

Throughout history it is shown that women have been looked down upon by men. They have been considered inferior to the opposite sex and even as a form of property. Although today we are not burdened with this struggle, being physically and emotionally abused by men, women in the early 1900’s struggled to break free from this mold formed by society. This can be seen by the women in the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell. However women in plays far from being decorative, frequently show greater strength than the surrounding men. In relation to “Trifles” how is this proved true? Some may argue that the women do not show greater strength. This is not true and is shown throughout the play. Three reasons the women show greater strength are they hide the evidence, pay attention to details which leads them to uncover clues and they do not judge Mrs. Wrights actions.

The first reason that proves women show greater strength than the surrounding men is that the women hide the evidence from the men. Although there was some hesitation, by Mrs. Peters at first, they decide that hiding the evidence is the right thing to do. Being the wife of a sheriff, Mrs. Peters would be expected to obey the law. She however chooses to cover for Mrs. Wright at the ending of the play. Knowing if she were to be caught there would most likely be consequences. When asked if the items picked out for Mrs. Wright should be checked on the county attorney replies that Mrs. Peters is married to the law, not believing she would have anything to hide. It shows strength for the women to risk losing the men’s trust and covering for Mrs. Wright, a woman them barley know.

The second reason is the women pay more attention to details. This leads them to uncover the clues and solve the murder. An example of the women paying attention to the seemingly insignificant clues is when Mrs. Peters finds a birdcage. The two women discuss whether or not Mrs. Wright owned a bird. Mrs. Peters...
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