Strength of Indian Heritage

Topics: First Nations, Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Annotative Summary A: Strength of Indian Heritage

The article on “Indian Tradition Helps Shed ‘Drunk Town’ Image” has underlying issues regarding the strength of “native” heritage. Residential schools of the 1800’s did a good job of suppressing the language, heritage, land, and spirit of native people of North America. In supressing these aspects of a culture, the factors that sustain a race’s cultural prevalence are weakened. Prime Minister Stephen Harper admitted in his 2008 formal apology for the implementation of residential schools, that children were primary target of attack for the colonial settlements (Leeuw). Furthermore, it was admitted that “ingenious children were understood as eminently concrete embodiments of a culture that… …was intent on aggressively expunging from a newly emerging Canada.” The idea was to manage the aboriginal people’s culture as a whole, as if they were all naïve children (Leeuw), and the targeting of the young natives was the key to colonial success. Residential school flourished in Canada throughout the 1800’s and into the 1900’s; by 1920, the Indian Act was elevated so that aboriginal children were legally obligated to attend residential schools (Leeuw). The colonial efforts to assimilate aboriginal people were extremely pervasive; not only did they force the children to go to the residential schools; they were often taken away from their families as well. The Indian residential schools were aimed at severing the artery of culture that ran between generations and was the profound connection between parent and child sustaining family and community (Leeuw).

Annotative Summary B: Native Americans Have are Genetically Predisposed to Alcoholism

There is a widespread belief that Native people have a biological predisposed to become alcoholics has been prevalent for decades. There is a positive correlation that associates native people and alcoholism (Ehlers), however, there is no solid proof that it is due to genetics....
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