Strength in My Eyes

Topics: Mind, Physical strength, Person Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Strength in My Eyes
Stefi Weppler
English 101-02

Although strength can be defined in a dictionary as the quality of being strong, strength can have various meanings to an individual. Strength is generally misinterpreted by many. In reality, strength is defined by experiences and actions rather than words. The two main types of strength are physical and mental. To most people, strength is physical; however, to other people strength can be mental. Strength is a quality that only some people have and it can only characterize those who are strong. In order to have strength, one must undergo several difficult situations and use their strength to overcome this situation. When certain people hear the word strength, it means something to them and is appreciated. Whenever I hear the word “strength” I instantly cringe at how strong I had to be physically and mentally throughout numerous difficult situations I experienced. Strength really is important to me to say the least and I have an abundant amount of examples of how strength is more than just a word to me.

Physical strength is when individuals thrive to be strong with their bodies rather than their minds. Physical strength may come easier to some people than others; however, pushing oneself can also make a person physically stronger. For example, I injured my ankle in the beginning of October. I was told by the doctor that I have the worst possible sprain and that I should stay off of my ankle for as long as possible. My ankle is in an immense amount of pain; however, I still manage to go to class and work in order to be successful because my pain isn’t my main concern. I have a high pain tolerance which allows me to be physically strong. Walking on my ankle made me realize that I am physically capable of being strong. It also made me realize that I am physically capable of being strong when I come across other injuries. Being physically strong is not easy; but, it is worth it...
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