Strength Analysis

Topics: The Residents, High school, Summer of Love Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Writing Assignment #1 – Strengths Analysis
Throughout my life, I have faced with many challenges. From those challenges, I have come to learn that life is testing and forcing me to build more positive characteristics to become stronger each day. Hence, I can be ready to deal with more obstacles in my future career as an international tax accountant. According to The Clifton Strengths Finder assessment, my three strengths are “responsible”, which I demonstrated when I worked as a resident assistant at Skagit Valley College, “belief- oriented” as I showed in my core principle that hard work is the key to success, and “active”, due to the desire to turn my dream of coming to America into reality. I demonstrated my responsibility during 2010, becoming a resident assistant at Skagit Valley College. My responsibility was to ensure that the residents understood and followed the housing policies regarding the safety and respected environment. To complete this duty accurately, I became a role model and followed the rules and policies like other resident students. Sometimes, I had to stay up late and go around the building to make sure residents were following the rules. Additionally, I had to resolve conflicts between roommates by talking to them and understanding the problems to find solutions. Each month, I worked together with other resident assistants to create five or six events for residents. Even though I had schoolwork to do, I never ignored my responsibility as a resident assistant to create a welcome, friendly environment for students who live on campus. This resident assistant position taught me to become responsible in my personal, academic and professional lives. Another strength that I have is a belief – orientation that appeared in my belief that the key to success is hard work and commitment to the goal that I set. My current goal is to become an international tax accountant. To pursue this goal, I am studying intensely in every class to gain knowledge...
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