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The Characters of the Play "Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams Have Their Desires Vanish In Front of Their Eyes While the Characters Pursue Them

In the play "Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams Blanche had to take the streetcar that is named Desire, switch to the one that is called Cemeteries and then to get off at Elysian Fields; Williams' use of these names for the streetcars and the street itself summarizes the development of the main characters of the play. Every character has its own desire but the reality causes all their dreams to end up in Elysian Fields - the land of the dead according to the Greek mythology. Stella has to settle for a mediocre life with an abusing husband after she left her house at Belle Reve to find happiness. Blanche, the anti-hero who has her own view on how her life should look like and so she cannot deal properly with the obstacles she meets along the way; a fact the prevent from her accomplishing her goals. Even Stanley, the most simplistic and realistic character who is the vassal of the world, meaning that he does and say what others think, cannot live in piece anymore because he either thinks that the rape is a secret that he must try to keep for himself or he knows that his wife and friends know about it which means that he lives in an hypocritical environment in which nothing is real anymore.

Blanch describes the whole set of instruction she got on how to get to Stella's house instead of just asking if Stella live there or even ask if she is in the right street, which means that Tennessee Williams wanted the audience to know the names of the streetcars Blanche used and the street they all live on for a reason; Williams wanted us, the audience, to know how life looks like when one is not living it as it is but instead concerned with how can he make it perfect. However, although Blanche is the perfect example of what is stated above, all characters help to prove the main theme of the play: the more...
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