Street Kings: Relationship of Films to Criminal Justice

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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A---- Huang
Criminal Justice/Sociology 260
Street Kings’ Relationship to Criminal Justice
The movie I watched to discuss the relationship of films to criminal justice was Street Kings. The movie stars Keanu Reeves as Detective Tom Ludlow. Tom Ludlow was part of a unit in a LA precinct that consisted of crooked detectives and the captain. Their job was to solve crime at all cost but what Detective Ludlow didn’t know was that he was being used. He was the tip of the spear that the captain needed to get him the position of Chief and eventually Mayor. When an ex-detective, Officer Washington, who was moved to being a street cop, threatened this by talking with IA (Internal Affairs) about the operations, Tom was told that convinced by the unit that Washington was snitching him out. In reality Washington was planning on bringing down the house on their Captain, Captain Wander (Forest Whitaker). Washington was set up to be killed by Captain Wander and made to look like a 2-11, gang robbery at a local store but was really killed by two deputies deep undercover. As the whole truth started to unravel, an IA Captain, Captain Biggs started to try and help Detective Ludlow come clean. Detective Ludlow decided to try and unravel the whole truth by himself and found that Captain Wander has been covering up for him to keep him around since he helped the Captain’s public view. As Detective Ludlow found out more, Captain Wander had the rest of the unit hunt for the evidence of his corruption and for Detective Ludlow to shut him up for good. In the end, Detective Ludlow takes out the entire unit, including Captain Wander after discovering the truth and taking a turn for the good without even realizing it. Captain Biggs shows up in the end and covers up for Detective Ludlow as he knows that Ludlow is done with the way of corruption and can no longer put the corrupt Captain Wander into the Mayor position.

Corruption has made its way into the criminal justice system time and...
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