Street Food

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Good morning every one! Thank u for making the effort to be here with us today. I’m ngoc hien, a student at university of education. What I’d like to do today is talk about street food. You know street food is not popular in Vietnam but also in the world because of its advantages. In my presentation, I will generally express about street food both advantages and related problems. My presentation will last about 10 minutes. You don’t need to take note while listening to me because I will give you the handout after presenting. If you have any mistake you can interrupt me right away. As you can see on the screen, my presentation consists of 4 parts: 1. Street food then and now; 2. Popular street food; 3. Problem arising; 4. Solution Ok let’s start with street food then and now. At first, the early form of street food selling is vendors and peddlers who walk arround on the pavement to sell the food. They don’t have stable place to sell their product. They made sound for advertisement to attract many people to buy the food. At these days, street food is simply hot tea, some traditional cakes. Nowadays, people selling street food are not only vendors, peddlers but also people having small kiosks, stands near the street. And there are more kinds of street food such as: rice, noodle, smoothies.. Let’s move on to popular street food. The first kind I have to present to you here is bread, the famous street food in Vietnam. Besides there are also noodle, rice noodle, sticky rice, mixed rice paper the most favorite food of students. The aimed customers of this kind food are student and workers. Because street food is fast and cheap so student and workers can save time and money. And it is very convenient, the customers can eat at selling place or bring it to the school, work. Although street food can bring many advantages to us, it has some troubles. First of all is food safety and health problems. The storage and cooking equipment of street food is poor. Used water is not...
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