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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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“Filipino Street Chow: When and Where You Can Find Them”

By Avant-Garde Plata

When you have a small amount of money and you want to eat, the first thing that comes to mind is (No. Not McDonald’s McSavers) street food. And why is that, you ask? This is because they are cheap and you can find them almost anywhere. They are found on the curb in stalls or they are sold by men or women on hand-pushed or bicycle-driven carts. You can see the anytime of the day. They are usually seen in places where there are many people who pass by like schools, churches, markets and PUV terminals. There are many types of street foods and they sometimes vary on the location. But some don’t. Like the immortal kwek-kwek (fried quail egg in yellow batter), balut(, and balls (fishballs, squid balls, etc.).

Filipino street foods are usually skewered on a stick. They are usually fried or barbecued. Some are ready to eat while some are cooked on the spot. You can also ask the vendor to reheat the foods if it has gone cold. They are dipped in a variety of sauces. There’s Sweet Sauce, Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Vinegar, and Spicy Vinegar. I noticed that these sauces are usually contained in used coffee jars and Stick-O jars for small time vendors and gallon containers for big stalls.

. Chicken innards are one of the most popular street foods aside from kwek-kwek and balut. Ask anyone what is “isaw”(chicken intestines), Betamax(pig’s blood), and adidas(chicken feet) and they’ll tell you that these are parts of chicken on a stick.

There are street foods that only appear during a specific time of the year. Like the puto bumbong (a type of rice cake which is sticky and purple in color. It is served with grated coconut and sugar) and bibingka (type of cake made from galapong and rice flour often topped with salted duck’s egg and cheese) which is only sold during Christmastime, usually outside churches....