Street Children in Dhaka City

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  • Published : February 26, 2011
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Prepared By: Students of economic geographic SHOME SHUKLA (08-11452-2)

LAILA NOWRIN (08-11411-2)

Prepared By:



19th April’2010
Dr. Taufiqur Islam
American International University Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Project Report.

Dear Sir,

With the passage of time we the student of Economic Geography, section ‘D’, are standing On the other entity of our course completion, hence are finalized with our Project Report naming as “Street children”.

Vividly enough, our research comprises adequate endeavors. But no doubt, our contribution will be best evaluated on your sharp scale of acceptance & analytical remarks. Consequently, we are transmitting our Project Report to your very concern. Hopefully, you will discover our well-researched, informative and innovative approach as a hallmark of teamwork.

Rather, in case of any further clarification or elaboration as to our research, we Would welcome the opportunity to consult with you to explore how our findings could best Meet your needs.
Thanking You.
With best regards,
Shukla Shome
Nowrin laila

Our search was mainly in the area of Bakshibazar and Banani. For collecting primary data’s we needed to survey at those areas. We have discussed many things with the street children. But only discussing with them was not enough for taking the main decision. That is why we also talked with some people who live in those areas. We talked with a lady named Salma begum. She lives in Bakshibazar. She told many things about the street children of those areas. After that we also asked some question to Mr. Firoz who has a permanent tea stall at Bakshibazar.

In our research, we came to know there is a school in Palashi, where many street children take education. The school’s name is ‘Palashi Primary school’. We went there and talked with the teachers.

Basically, it was a very helpful project for us. We have learnt many things about the street children of our country. That is why, we are thankful to our course instructor Dr. Md. Taufiqur Islam sir.

Above all, we are thankful to almighty Allah for helping us in every ways.

We are dedicating this whole project to all the street children of Bangladesh.

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