Street Children

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, The Streets Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: June 28, 2008
Who are the Street Children?
Street Children are young people who spend a considerable time living and/or working on the streets of the world's cities. Different countries describe street children in different ways. However,two general categories have been frequently used to describe them:

• Children living and working in the street.
• Children working on the streets who maintain regular contact with their families.

Reality Situation of Street Children

• The working street child works from 6 to 16 hours, often in a combination of “occupations”. • Street children usually come from large families, with six to ten children per family. • Street children are generally malnourished and anemic, many of them physically stunted. • Street children suffer psychologically from undue family pressures, abuses and neglect at home. Very often, they develop low self-esteem. • Street children are prone to street fights and bullying from bigger youth, harassment from policemen, suspicion and arrest for petty crimes, abuse and torture from misguided authorities. • Street children usually come from broken families.

• There are more boys than girls. Female children are disadvantaged because of their sex; they do more housework and are prone to sexual abuses. • Parents of street children are preoccupied with earning a living, oftentimes engaged in irregular low-paying jobs as construction workers, vendors, and scavengers.

II. Reflection/Insights
This issue has its great relevance to us, teenagers. We should be aware on giving significance to the street children. They not the once who should be blame of they did something wrong because they are not the ones who chose their life. It's their parents that should be responsible for them. The government should help this children in order to have their future.

I do really feel so pity for them. I made this case study for us to know the reason why we should help and sumhow feel their situation....
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