Street Children

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YEAR: 2013


Street children in my community

❖ What are the factors that influence children to live on the streets?

❖ What are the measures that can be taken to get them into homes/places of safety?


1. What are the factors that influence children to live on the streets?

2. What are the effects of living on the streets affects these children?

3. What are the measures that can be taken to get street children off the streets?


The method of investigation chosen is the questionnaire. The questionnaire as chosen as a tool for collecting information because of a number of advantages they are:

1. It requires less time to be completed.

2. It is highly confidential since no name is required.

3. It can be done base on the person’s schedule.


The area in which the research will be done is the down town area. The reason for selecting this particular area is as a result of the high rate of street children on the streets of down town. It was observed that these children have been on the street on several occasions. I want to explore the causes and effects of their phenomena.


In the area of Down Town Kingston there are thousands of different streets. Some of which are more crowded with street children than others. There was a minimum of 1 street children present on these streets and a maximum of 2. In the less crowded streets of the area, 10 street children were present respectively, questionnaires were given to each. On the streets which were less crowded 6 males were present and 4 females, their ages from 10-17 years. On the street that was more crowded, 16 males and 4 females present their ages also ranged from 10-17 years. When approached and asked if they would complete the questionnaire some demanded money while others immediately agreed, no one refused. Some needed little or no help. 30 questionnaires were issued, all of which were complete and returned immediately to the researcher who waited on them patiently. When they were finished and counted 8 females and 22 males actually completed the questionnaires.


Street children, where is their place in society? Red Rat, a local DJ aptly describes Jamaicans view on the home of street children when he sang that they “No Live Nuh Wey”. His song also highlights the hardship experienced by children, the activities they get involved in and their aspirations. This project then, seeks to answer two main questions: 1. Why are these children living on the streets of my community?

2.What are the measures that can be taken to get street children off the streets?

In order to provide a comprehensive answer to these two questions, the project will first look at the major cause of this phenomenon, urbanization. It will then look at the spatial location of street children in my community and in Kingston. The focus will then move to who they are, why they are on the streets and the activities in which they are engaged. It will also examine how effective institutions are in meeting the needs of the children. This is done in an attempt to determine whether or not there is hope for these children. This project will conclude by making suggestions on how to give hope to street children.

Waugh, (2000), describes...
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