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  • Published : September 14, 2009
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Street art may be interpreted as nonsense, a violation of property or it could be seen as one of the most vibrant, influential, and media based form of communication in society. People may struggle to perceive street art to be a form of art, questioning its existence to give any significance at all. (Trinity News, 2008) Street art is popular because people can view it while going about their daily activities. Surely enough street artists are voicing their opinions an+d are in turn prompting the audience to think differently about the world around them; particularly through their unique style of street art. Two well known street artists that have done precisely that are Banksy and SOLVE. Both artists have outreached their thoughts and views to be the new voice of the people.

Banksy is an English graffiti artist whose identity and personal information remains anonymous, this also contributes to his popularity factor. At first he utilized stencils, spray paint and roller paint as elements of his pieces. (Wikipedia, 2009) By using the walls of public streets as his canvas he has selected an environment that is tangible to a vast audience, even though it may also run a risk of being tampered with or even destroyed because of its easy access. Currently Banksy’s biggest; admission free showcase in the Bristol exhibition has become famously known. Amongst the original artefacts of the museum Banksy has ‘remixed’ its collection and has attracted much wanted attention, showing the power of art.(Davis, 2009) With his particular style of graffiti art he has invited and engaged a range of audience, certain types of audience that would otherwise feel dislocated in an environment such as an art gallery. It gives a new and different atmosphere to the typical expectation of a gallery. By this act Banksy has already demonstrated his art with an intention of equality; bring a new experience to the gallery. As he had mentioned in reference to the exhibition, "I think we may have...
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