Streaming Multimedia Applications

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Streaming Multimedia Applications
You must be coming across the website, YouTube wherein videos can be uploaded and viewed with the help of the internet. Such techniques or processes are known as streaming of multimedia wherein different multimedia applications and elements are transferred from the provider to the viewer with the help of a particular medium or the internet. Different players or media applications are used and employed for this particular application via which different elements like text, images, audio and videos can be transferred, viewed or shared. Whenever you make use of the internet to obtain or send a multimedia element, you are making use of the streaming process. The streaming depends on the bandwidth and speed of the network you use. How the streaming of multimedia work is basically dependent on three different processes. Firstly, the hosts or the source contain the basic file that can be sent to others. The source can be a person or some website, depending on the available plug-ins and the technologies available at the destination. When the source is defined, the users can request for the data or the element. Some sources provide the information or media for free whereas some sources require a basic payment for the same. When the client requests for a particular file, the same starts screaming in his system. However, the ability of the viewer to watch it also depends on the player and other basic elements required. One can even watch the multimedia before it downloads or streams completely. Problems in Streaming of Multimedia Applications

It looks extremely simple when you request for a video and it starts playing in front of you. But in reality there are several other technicalities and things that go into the same. One major problem is the format of receiving the data. When a source sends the multimedia files, it bundles the media stream into different small packets but the receiving source has no such mechanism and can thus lead to...
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