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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Unemployment Struggle:
Help Me, I Worked for Those Benefits
Strayer University

Unemployment Struggle:
Help Me, I Worked For Those Benefits
In the current state of this economy, unemployment is a wide spread issue that needs to be addressed. Unemployment benefits, contrary to what many may believe is not easily obtained. Unemployment benefits, unlike welfare or food assistance, are not something that is given to an individual just because they have no income or are not trying to receive income. Unemployment benefits are money set aside on an individual’s behalf while they are working class citizens, in case one day they may become unemployed and need assistance. And since this is the case some may ask, why it is not easily obtained or kept. As it stands now, one of the criteria to receive unemployment compensation is, an individual must actively seek employment no matter what is going on in his or her life. For example, if a person is ill while receiving benefits he or she must still seek employment. If he or she does not, they will not receive benefits for that time period and are at risk of losing his or her benefits completely. The disbursement of unemployment compensation in the United States need to change because the people who need and deserve them are made to suffer without them when they need them the most, and they are too difficult to obtained when a person has been laid off from work. It is as if the government is not concerned with the well being of these individuals and their families.

In this country, each state adheres to different unemployment regulations. According to Lancaster (2012), “Individuals will not be denied benefits under provisions relating to their availability for work, active search for work, or refusal to accept work solely because they are seeking only part-time work (Puerto Rico)” (p. 13). Most people that have been laid off from work were not laid off because they were just lazy and did not want to work. A lot of them are people who have worked hard for most of their lives. In some states, if a person is unemployed and receiving benefits, he or she must seek employment and report the results of their search to their local unemployment office. To some, the unemployment office may sound more like a baby sitting service instead of a government ran establishment. To justify this behavior, there was a study conducted on unemployed individuals. Van Ours (2006) stated, “Putting a limit on the duration of benefits tends to speed up the job search” (p. 352). In this economy, it is not an easy task to find employment. Unemployed individuals are already experiencing heartache and stress from being laid off, and to add to that they are being pushed and watched over every week by the government to find new employment right away. The government should understand that these individuals are not going to find new employment overnight. According to McConnell (2011), “Even if a former full-time employee seeks only part-time employment he or she can still risk being disqualified from receiving benefits” (p. 130). If it was left up to those who have been laid off and are receiving benefits, they would probably have chosen to stay at their last place of employment. Many people are not overjoyed with their current choices of careers, but being laid off and unemployed has to be worse. Having a career gives some people a sense of responsibility and security. And when that is ripped away from them, the government chooses that time to kick them while they are already down by putting some serious demands on them. If a person is ill and unable to seek employment, and can provide proper documentation to support this claim, he or she should still receive their benefits for that time period. If an individual’s body shuts down he or she cannot make it continue to push forward, especially when the doctor has them hospitalized. It is already shameful enough that the benefits that an individual is receiving do not...
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