Strawberry Industry

Topics: Marketing, Supply and demand, Agriculture Pages: 37 (9853 words) Published: December 21, 2011
1.0 Introduction
The report “Business Plan of RedBerries Bangladesh” has been prepared to outline a business plan as a partial requirement for the course Entrepreneurship,W201 instructed by Mr. Sheikh Morshed Jahan, Assistant Professor, IBA , University of Dhaka. This report focuses on outlining an entrepreneurship venture into the strawberry cultivation industry of our country. This is a very new industry in our country, and while the growth has slowed down in the last years, this industry still provides entrepreneurs with potentially massive returns.

1.1 Objectives
The primary objective of the report is to  Outline a business plan for production and cultivation of strawberries in Bangladesh.

Some specific Objectives include:       Develop an overview of the strawberry industry Run the financial analysis to develop ten year forecast Analyze the demand supply Dynamics of this industry Identify the Double Helix forces in the industry Look for innovative ways for technological and production superiority in the industry Portray Risk Management and Contingency Planning

1.2 Scope
This report deals with the business plan for strawberry production at RedBerries Bangladesh. It has been prepared by analyzing the present situation of the strawberry producers in the local market. Also involved are the current marketing strategies, the product and marketing mix and the distribution network used by the various companies. The relevant business data which were used were collected from enterprises located at Tangail, Ashulia, Mymensing , Rajshahi and Dinajpur

1.3 Methodology
This report uses data collected mainly from primary sources. The primary data has been collected from interviews conducted with relevant stakeholders at different companies, Ministry of agriculture Bangladesh and BSA (Bangladesh Strawberry Association). Various entrepreneurs in this industry


were also interviewed for primary data. Secondary data collected from relevant literary texts, official websites of companies, journals etc are also used to construct the business plan.

1.4 Limitations
Some of the shortcomings faced while collecting the information and compiling the relevant data for the report are:      There is lack of written material on the strawberry industry in Bangladesh. The current producers in the market were reluctant to share some of the information The strawberry subsector of the Bangladeshi Agricultural Industry is fairly unorganized It was difficult and in some cases impossible to sort out relevant data. Due to inadequate knowledge of economic analysis, it was difficult to examine the determinants and nature of demand and supply.

2.0 RedBerries Bangladesh
The firm RedBerries Bangladesh is to be established to produce quality strawberry and sell them in the market. The market, according to the recent surveys, is still far from being saturated and still relying on imports. Our business plan includes    Production of Strawberries Sale in the Local Market Accumulate capital for increasing production and Exports

The reasons for selecting this venture are    Like other countries the demand for strawberries is increasing in Bangladesh. Analysis of existing ventures revealed that profit margin is relatively higher compared to the capital requirements and it is more than feasible to run this business. Strawberry is easy to grow and our country is fast developing methods to produce grade strawberries with the capability to replace the imported varieties.

This is a very attractive market to invest in, and we are very much looking forward to establishing our brand in the strawberry market and earn

Mission To provide the community with quality strawberries at reasonable prices while maintaining the health and environmental standards


Vision Our vision is to be the leading domestic producers of strawberries in Bangladesh, while promoting the art of strawberry cultivation among small farmers in the...
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