Strategy, Tactics, Logistics

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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Tactics are the substance of strategy. They comprise what is done pursuant to strategic planning. The strategic phase of planning has thinkers determining ways to achieve stated goals. Simply stated, they plan how people need to act in order to attain the objectives for which the strategy is to be used. Tactics, on the other hand, are the very actions that are necessary to carry out the strategy. Strategies can be a combination of a number of tactics with the involvement of several different people, who are all working toward reaching a common goal (Dupuy, 1970).

Tactics tend to be towards short-term goals, and strategy implies long-term thinking. In chess, for example, a knight fork (moving a knight so it attacks two valuable enemy pieces at the same time, such that only one of the two can be saved) is a tactic. Creating a weakness in your opponent's pawn structure--something you may not be able to take advantage of right away, but may provide you with opportunities and your opponent with difficulties throughout the course of the game--is a strategic move (Dupuy, 1970). Logistics make it possible for military units to be ready to fight, and have the materials to conduct and sustain the fight. Sometimes, in very informal military discussions, someone will offer a toast: "Amateurs talk tactics. Dilettantes talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics." (Dupuy, 1970)

In nursing, I have to wear hats. I have to be tactical and react to immediate needs. Such an instance is if someone is having difficulty breathing. In this case firstly, I would apply oxygen and do what I know to do to alleviate the issue. I would then be strategic and develop a care plan that will allow us to permanently alleviate the problem and figure out why the hypoxia occurred in the first instance. Thirdly, I would make arrangement to carry out all aspects of the plan of care. I would allocate the resources necessary to support the strategic and tactical portions of my care....
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