Strategy Quiz on Business Fundamentals

Topics: Management, Stakeholder, Currency Pages: 6 (695 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Question 6
A common sized income statement restates all numbers in the income statement as a percentage of what? Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |Cost of goods sold |
|[pic]| |Net income |
|[pic]| |Net sales |
|[pic]| |Gross income |

Question 7
Compared to a business with a negative net working capital, one with a positive net working capital will likely have a __________. Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |lower risk of insolvency and lower return | |[pic]| |lower risk of insolvency and higher return | |[pic]| |higher risk of insolvency and higher return | |[pic]| |higher risk of insolvency and lower return |

Question 8
An importer that pays with foreign currency is mostly concerned with Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |an appreciation of the foreign currency. | |[pic]| |a depreciation of the foreign currency. | |[pic]| |any change in the exchange rate of the foreign currency to the local one. | |[pic]| |the exchange rate of the foreign currency to the local one remaining stable. |

Question 9
Which of the following statement regarding stakeholder management is correct? Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |Managers will give equal attention to all stakeholders | |[pic]| |Market stakeholders are always more influential than non-market stakeholders in managerial decisions. | |[pic]| |The smaller the stakeholder's salience, the greater the likelihood that the issues will be prioritised by the managers. | |[pic]| |Formation of coalitions among stakeholders will increase their salience when interacting with the firms. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Question 10
Which of the following statement regarding stakeholder and stockholder is correct? Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |A stakeholder is always more influential than a stockholder. | |[pic]| |A stakeholder is also a stockholder, but a stockholder need not be a stakeholder | |[pic]| |A stockholder is also a stakeholder, but a stakeholder need not be a stockholder. | |[pic]| |A stakeholder cannot be a stockholder as there will be a conflict of interest. |

Question 11
An organisation that assigns specialists from different functional departments to work on one or more projects is known as a __________ organisation. Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |virtual |
|[pic]| |network |
|[pic]| |boundaryless |
|[pic]| |matrix |

Question 12
The line of authority extending from upper organisational levels to the lowest levels, and clarifies who reports to whom is known as _______________. Answer [pic]
|[pic]| |span of control |
|[pic]| |unity of command |
|[pic]| |chain of command |
|[pic]| |authority |

Question 13
Mr Ang, director of training for a large hospital, has developed a...
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