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MGT6303 Strategic Management

MGT6303 Strategic Management

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MGT6303 Strategic Management

Table of Contents
Knowledge-based outcome Main and Supporting Text Selected Reading Study Schedule Assignments About This Study Book Part 1 Strategic Position Module 1 Introduction Module 2 Organisation Environment Module 3 Strategic Capability Module 4 Organisation Purpose Part 2 Strategic Choice Module 5 Business Strategy Module 6 Corporate Strategy Module 7 Globalisation and Alliance Part 3 Strategy in Action Module 8 Strategy Process Module 9 Strategy Configuration Module 10 Strategic Change 62 52 52 58 32 34 38 43 2 2 2 3&4 5 6&7 18 18 16 21 28




MGT6303 Strategic Management Knowledge-based Outcomes: 1. Learning the various theories of strategic management 2. Analysis of the organisational external and internal environment and how this affect strategic formulation 3. The options available and how to apply these options 4. Strategic management in today’s environment 5. Techniques in implementation of organisation strategy

Main Text: 1. Johnson, G., Scholes, K. and Whittington, R., 2008, Exploring Corporate Strategy. 8th ed., Prentice Hall, Harlow, Essex. 2. De Wit, B. and Meyer, R., 2004, Strategy: Process, Content, Context, 3rd ed. Thomson, Bedford Row, London. Supporting Text: 1. Ansoff, I. and McDonnell, E. 1990. Implementing Strategic Management, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall, Hemel Hemstead, Hertfordshire. 2. Stacy, R. D. 2007, Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The Challenge of Complexity, Prentice Hall, Harlow 3. Hill, C. W. L. Jones, G. R. and Galvin, P., 2004, Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Queensland 4. David F. R., 2004 Strategic Management, Macmillan, New York, NY 5. Porter, M.E. 1985, Competitive Advantage, The Free Press, New York, NY 6. Porter, M.E., 1980, Competitive Strategy, The Free Press, New York, NY. Selected Readings:

1. Barney, J.B. (1991), Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage, Journal of Management, Vol. 17, pp. 99-120. 2. Boisot, M. & Child, J. (1999), Organizations as adaptive systems in complex environments: The case of China, Organization Science, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 237 – 252 3. Donaldson, T. and Preston, L.E. (1995), The stakeholder theory of the corporation: concepts, evidence, and implications, Academy of Management Review, Vol. 20 No. 1, pp. 65-91 4. Eisenhardt, K.M. and Martin, J.A. (2000), Dynamic capabilities: what are they?, Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 21, pp. 1105-1121


MGT6303 Strategic Management Study Schedule:

Session 1

Introduction Introduction of strategic management  Evolution of strategic management  Framework of strategic management Organisation External Environment Environment factors Assessment of the macro environment Assessment of the industry structure and strategic positioning Strategic Capability      Identifying the strategic capabilities of organisation Concept of competitive advantage Sources of competitive advantage Sustaining competitive advantage Organisation learning   

Johnson et al Chapter 1 and 2 Case Study The Global Pharmaceutical Industry (page 608) 1. Identify the main environmental forces currently affecting the pharmaceutical industry. 2. What are the likely implications of the changing business environment on pharmaceutical firms?

Session 2

Johnson et al Chapter 3 Case Study The Formula One Constructor (page 652) 1. What do you need in order to succeed in Formula One? 2. Why do you think your team were successful during this period? 3. Why were they unable to sustain this success? What could they have done to sustain their success further?

Session 3

Strategic Purpose Organisational purpose Stakeholders and...
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