Strategy or Structure

Topics: Strategic planning, Strategic management, Organization Pages: 10 (3398 words) Published: July 31, 2012
“What comes first? Strategy or structure?”

Strategy is a chosen direction that you want to take your company or organization. To establish direction, a strategy must be explained to others. Strategy determines what the key activities and factors are in a business. That is, in addition to establishing a course for the future, one must get others on board for the ride. Most people find that there is a clear definition of the mission or purpose makes possible clear and realistic business objectives and goals. It is the foundation for priorities, strategies, plans and work assignments so in a sense structure follows strategy. And strategy requires knowing what our business is and what it should be. What if your organization is working with a legacy structure? If you want to accomplish your mission you'll need to start there, formulate strategy to do what needs to be done…and then align structures to make the strategy happen. To more effectively evaluate the productivity of existing programs on an ongoing basis, and integrate this evaluation with enrollment planning and proposals to develop new academic programs, we recommend the development of a new academic planning structure. Our current process for developing new academic programs involves minimal academic planning; it is based almost entirely on individuals (faculty, department heads, deans) submitting proposals independent of other current or future plans at the institutional level. Accordingly, we recommend the creation of a new university-level council, the Academic Planning Advisory Council (APAC) that will be charged with overseeing the academic planning process (all on-campus and distance education curricular activities including degree programs, certificates, minors, etc.) at NC State in order to ensure coordination of the institution's academic plan with the existing enrollment planning and strategic planning processes. Specific responsibilities will include: * facilitating the development of interdisciplinary programs in our proposed focus areas of excellence, * working with faculty to facilitate the development of academic programs, * recommending to the provost those programs that should be further developed through the existing planning and approval process, * communicating with the Enrollment Planning Committee to ensure that enrollment increases associated with proposed new academic programs are incorporated into the institution's biennial and long-term enrollment planning, * evaluating annually the viability of current academic programs, and * recommending elimination of programs that are no longer viable or have outlived the need that generated them. This council would be advisory to the provost. It will forward all proposals that are approved for academic planning to the proposing unit for further development prior to being routed through the existing approval process to the University Courses and Curriculum Committee (UCCC) or Administrative Board of the Graduate School (ABGS). The approval processes beyond these two groups will remain unchanged. Timeline: This council will be formed during the 2011-12 academic year. 2D: Other Academic and Student Success Initiatives

Recommendation: Review Distance Education (DE). Several strategic planning task forces addressed the need to reevaluate the manner in which we conduct and administer Distance Education. Over the past 10 years we have grown very high quality, high demand distance education programming that serves both on-campus and distant students. Distance education offerings permit broad access to cutting edge educational programs and serve a role in building flexibility into on-campus offerings. A task force led by Vice Provost Tom Miller and Associate Vice Chancellor Steve Keto has recently been formed and charged with addressing three critical issues: 1) the disparity in tuition charged to on-campus students for regular term, on-campus courses versus the tuition...
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