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I. PROPOSE SEGMENTATION CRITERIA TO BE USED FOR NELSON’S CORN IN CUP IN DIFFERENT MARKETS According to Etxal (2005) Marketing Segmentation is identifiable group of individuals, families, firms, organizations, sharing one or more characteristics or needs in an otherwise homogenous market. Market segments generally respond in a predictable manner to a marketing or promotion offer. In specific, we can slightly understand market segmentation is a process of dividing the whole customers into two or more groups of customer according to different criterions. The purpose of market segmentation is to service customer in a better way. There are many ways for Nelson’s to segment Vietnam market. It can be: geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and behavioral segmentation.

Segment markets

In the case scenario, Nelson ‘s Corn in Cup is planning to franchise into Viet Nam concentrate on Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh. Therefore, in B2C market segmentation, Viet Nam market will be segmented into three main regions: Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh. Geographic segmentation Psychological segmentation, Demographic segmentation, Behavior segmentation will be analyzed with each city. Geographic segmentation

| Hanoi| Danang| Ho Chi Minh|
Population | 6561.9 thousand| 926 thousand| 17272,2 thousand| Estimate that only three cities account ¼ population of Viet Nam (the population whole Viet Nam is 86927.7). Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh has the big number of customers which should be more outlets| CPI In first 9 months of 2011| decreases considerable from 3.8% in Aril down to 0.2% in September | in September , increased 0.77% compared to August but the fourth consecutive month the CPI decreased| 0.88% in September, and steady increase through the months| However, eating outside family group rise 1.02% in Hanoi and 27.68% in Hochiminh in September. This is may be good thing for Nelson Corn in Cup to develop more diversity kinds of products.| The location of outlet| Vincom, Big C, The garden,…| Big C, Metro, De Nhat Phan Khang, Bait ho Plaza…| Vincom , Sai Gon square, Parkson Hung Vuong, Diamond Plaza..|

To conclude, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh should be put more outlets than Danang, and Nelson Corn in Cup need develop variety kinds of products suits to the taste of Vietnamese. Psychological segmentation

| Hanoi| Ho Chi Minh| Da nang|
The possibility to buy something| The Hanoi always ponders on five times to 7 times before changing, shopping planning| Immediately. shopping by snatches| Easier than Hanoi| Capability to pay extra money for high quality product| Highest 70%, like big brand and want to be a VIP| Lower 55%| lowest| | | They need to be experienced|

The loyal with the product| Long| Never| A bit|
The service attitude| Don’t care much| Appreciate|
The capacity of product| Small| Small| Big|
The price of product| expensive or cheap no problem| Cheap| Cheap| The favorite place to buy| Ordinary market| Modern market| Ordinary market| Advertising and promotion| Believe in TV advertising most with great value, discount policy ,| Comedy and funny advertising , a mix of promotion can have strength to persuade them| | Like outside advertising activities, and billboard , poster| In brief,

With Hanoi
Using outside advertising activities, billboard, poster.
Put outlets ordinary market and shopping mall center.
High quality for imagine of product and stable in price , expensive is not important Capacity of product is small
Deeply value advertising, many discount policy and using strengthen of word of mouth

With Ho Chi Minh
Using outside advertising activities, billboard, poster.
Put more outlet at shopping mall center, super market
The price is cheap
Capacity of product is small
Funny advertising, a mix of promotion
Attention at attitude service

With Danang
Using outside advertising activities, billboard,...
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