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Ecosystem is the convergance of available applications, features, capabilities, music and the ease of use for the online store. Nokia and Microsoft are also combining service assets to drive innovation. Nokia Maps, for example, will soon be at the heart of key Microsoft assets such as Bing and Ad Center, and Nokia’s application and content store will be integrated into Microsoft Market place. Similarly, Microsoft will provide developer tools, making it easier for application developers to leverage Nokia’s global scale. As of today Nokia is supporting three operating systems. The three operating systems include Symbian, MeeGo and Microsoft Windows 7. Nokia states that “Ideas, Energy, Excitement, Opportunities. In today's mobile world, it feels like anything is possible-and that's what inspires us to get out of bed every day.” NEW STRATEGY

* Build a new winning mobile ecosystem in partnership with Microsoft * Bring the next billion online in developing growth markets * Invest in next-generation disruptive technologies
* Increase our focus on speed, results and accountability STRATEGY MAIN INITIATIVES-
* Regaining leadership in the smartphone space: The strategic partnership with Microsoft will hopefully bring Nokia in the market. The Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem will deliver differentiated and innovative products with unrivalled scale in terms of product breadth, geographical reach and brand identity * Connecting the next billion: Nokia’s ambition is to bring the next billion online and connect more people to their first internet and application experience by providing compelling, affordable and localized mobile experiences,. Nokia will continue the renewal of Series 40 platform in QWERTY, touch & type, dual SIM, Nokia services, including Maps, Browser, Life Tools, Web apps and Money.

* Nokia’s software, services and synchronization need lots of work. Symbian is not considered as a poor operating system, however it lacks complete makeover. The user interface is up to date but the performance issue is there. Nokia should invest in Qt platform or other technologies to solve both backward and forward integration. Nokia must consider monetization of such application through innovative business models also must focus on newly business model. Micro transaction concepts can be of great alternative to Nokia to focus on. * Nokia's software and Ovi services are in desperate need for a complete makeover to modernize user interfaces and reduce operating system fragmentation * Nokia has perception problem. Nokia urgently needs discipline more than it needs Windows Mobile * Nokia’s main competitive components are Nokia maps, mobile operating system optimization knowledge, operators billing integration, mobile optimized and high performance internet browser. Utilizing and positioning these technologies and applications as distinctive technologies will elevate Nokia’s customer satisfaction.


* Nokia is producing too many models at any given time. They’re wasting time and resources creating 10 versions of a single phone, instead of focusing on developing a few creative products. * Nokia stopped real innovation and then they did something even stupider: they didn’t attack when Apple and Samsung started the territory war. When Apple introduced iPhone or even when Samsung introduced their Galaxy phones, Nokia didn’t make a statement (with a remarkable product). Instead it decided to keep doing what it was doing and forget the competition that was closing in. * There’s a chance Nokia will become stable with what they’re doing now (or even get profitable again). But there’s no chance they’ll become the market leader they used to be with their current strategy. * If there’s one thing they still could do better than any other company, it’s huge innovation. * I’m not talking about a higher resolution...
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