Strategy Formulation & Implementation

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1. Personal Banking
a. A/C and Deposits
i. Savings account: - Star Savings accounts are accounts maintained by retail financial institutions that pay interest but cannot be used directly as money (for example, by writing a cheque). These accounts let customers set aside a portion of their liquid assets while earning a monetary return. BCG Matrix: STAR

ii. Salary account : - Star ICICI Bank Salary Account is a benefit-rich payroll account for Employers and Employees. As an organization, you can opt for our Salary Accounts to enable easy disbursements of salaries and enjoy numerous other benefits too. BCG Matrix: STAR

iii. Fixed Deposits: - Question Mark Fixed deposits are loan arrangements where a specific amount of funds is placed on deposit under the name of the account holder. The money placed on deposit earns a fixed rate of interest, according to the terms and conditions that govern the account. iv. Recurring Deposits: - Dog ICICI Bank Recurring Deposits are an ideal way to invest small amounts of money every month and end up with a large kitty on maturity. High recurring billing and recurring payments can be a drain on one’s finances and hence large investments may seem a plan away b. Loans

v. Home: - Star We, at ICICI Bank Home Loans, offer unbeatable benefits to ensure that you get the best deal without any hassles. As one of the leading home loan provider, ICICI Bank understands how special building a new home is for you and our Home Loan help you laid the foundation for one’s dream home. BCG Matrix: STAR

vi. Personal: - Star ICICI Bank gives personal loans for child’s higher education or marriage related expenses. An ICICI Bank Personal Loan is a person’s one-stop-shop for fulfilling all your financial aspirations. BCG Matrix: STAR

Cars: - StarICICI Bank also provides loans for purchasing a car. They offer loans up to 90% of the ex-showroom price of the car. The process for getting a loan involves only a few simple steps and we will tailor-make the loan to suit one’s needs. BCG Matrix: STAR

c. Cards
Debit Cards: - Star ICICI Bank Debit Card helps a person to free themselves from worries of carrying cash or having to stand in long ATM queues Enter a world of convenience and ease by swiping the debit card directly, after shopping at merchant outlets. BCG Matrix: STAR

viii. Commercial Cards: - Question Mark ICICI Bank Commercial Cards have been designed as payment solutions for large & mid-sized organizations. A widely accepted concept internationally, Commercial Cards help to better streamline payment processes & thus increase efficiencies.

d. Investments
ix. ICICI Bank Bonds: - Question Mark All ICICI Bank Bonds have been rated "AAA" by CARE and "LAAA" by ICRA indicating the highest degree of safety for one’s money. x. Govt of India. Bonds: - Dog ICICI GOI Bonds are 8% savings bonds. xi. Mutual Funds: - Question mark ICICI Bank Mutual Funds services aim at helping you design the ideal portfolio for your investment requirements. At ICICI Bank, we help you identify the appropriate mix of Mutual Fund schemes on the basis of asset allocation strategies. Invest in various schemes of multiple mutual funds with a satisfactory performance record and reap the benefits. Additionally, ICICI Bank Mutual Funds services also equip you with various research reports to help you make an informed decision.

xii. IPO: - Question mark One can invest in IPOs online through with same convenience of investing in equities - hassle-free and with zero paper work. Also, get in-depth analyses of new IPOs issues (Initial Public Offerings) which are about to hit the market. IPO calendar, recent IPO listings, prospectus/offer documents and live prices will help you keep on top of the IPO markets. xiii. ICICI Bank Pure Gold: - Dog ICICI Bank with its...
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