IT Strategy and Network Design Proposal.

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  • Published: April 7, 2006
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1.1 2.

1.2 A Brief Description of GFK School of 2.

1.3 Description of GFK 2.

1.4 Aims of the 4

1.5 Business Requirements for the proposed 4.

1.6 Requirements 5.

1.6.1 Questionnaire 6.

1.6.2 Questionnaire 7.

2.1 A Brief Description of Existing Networks in 9.

2.2 Design and Implementation of the proposed LAN for the new

Barking 12.

3.1 Choice of Network Operating System, 13.

3.2 Desktop Design and 16.

3.3 Backup and Recovery Plan for 17.

3.4 GFK Security 17.

4. 18.

5. 19.



The GFK School of Motoring was established in 1960. Since then, the school has grown steadily and now has a several offices in the London area. However, the Organization is expanding and a new branch is to be built that will link with the existing network and also utilise the latest technologies such as simulators, the internet and the World Wide Web.

Furthermore, improvement is needed in the communications and sharing of information between offices spread around the London.

The Director wants to take advantage of the Internet to change the way the company operates. The new branch will allow prospective clients to browse the website and make an initial registration. Interview and the checking of documents can then be arranged on-line. Once a client has been registered any payments due can also be made on-line via any of the various credit and debit cards.

Flexibility in the provision of services to clients also requires that once registered, a client can take a driving lesson at any of the centres. Hence an integrated and up-to-date database system is to be implemented.

The Director of the organization feels that too many mistakes are being made with the current system and that the success of the organization will be short-lived if he does not do something to overcome the situation.

He knows that a good IT strategy and network design could help in part to solve the problem and has approached our team to help create a new branch and implement an efficient and reliable information system to support the running of the organization as a whole.


Each office has a manager (who tends to be a senior instructor),

Several senior instructors, instructors and administrate staffs.

The staff hierarchy is as follows:

- Manager

- Senior instructors

- Instructors

- Office personnel.

The manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office.

Clients must first register on-line or at an office and this requires that they complete an application form, which records their personal details.

Before the first lesson, a client is requested to attend an interview with an instructor to assess the needs of the client and to ensure that the client holds a valid provisional driving license.

A client is free to ask for a...
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