Strategies to Reduce Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Poverty reduction, Poverty threshold Pages: 226 (66817 words) Published: February 3, 2012


© 2004 by the Asian Development Bank June 2004 This publication was prepared under Regional Technical Assistance 6026: Promoting Urban Poverty Reduction through Participation in the Cities Alliance by the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Social Sectors Division of the Regional Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB). The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of ADB or those of its member countries. ISBN 971-561-503-1 Publication Stock No. 090203 In this publication, the term “country” does not imply on the part of ADB any judgment as to the legal or other status of any territorial entity. Please address inquiries for copies of this publication to the Principal Director, Office of External Relations, Asian Development Bank, P Box 789, .O. 0980 Manila, Philippines.



List of Illustrations iv Abbreviations and Acronyms v FOREWORD vii ACKNOWLEDGMENT viii RESPONDING TO URBAN GROWTH AND POVERTY ADB and the Cities Alliance 2 Urban Strategy and Poverty Reduction 2 ADB’s Involvement in the Cities Alliance 4 City Development Strategies 5 Cities Without Slums Programs 7 Urban Growth and Poverty in the Region Urban Growth in Asia 8 Urban Growth and Poverty In India 9 Urban Growth and Poverty in the Philippines Urban Growth and Poverty in Viet Nam 13 8 11 1

Caloocan: Onward Caloocan’s Best Process 36 State of the City 36 Key Problem Areas 37 Opportunities 38 Vision and Mission 38 Major Development Goals 38 Development Strategies 38 Cities Without Slums Program 39 Comments 43


THE CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY PROCESS 16 Institutionalizing the City Development Strategy 17 The CDS Process 17 Outputs of a City Development Strategy 18 City Development Strategy Document 18 Sustaining Stakeholder Participation 18 Integrating CWS Programs 21 Slums Defined 21 CWS Program Scope and Links to the CDS Potential CWS Program Components 23 The CWS Program Document 24

Da Nang: Economic Growth Through a Sustainable Environment 45 Process 45 State of the City 45 Key Problem Areas 46 S-W-O-T Analysis 47 Vision, Mission, and Targets 48 Development Strategies 49 Priority Actions and Implementation 51 Comments 51 Quezon City: Working in Partnership with the Citizenry in Building a Quality Community 53 Process 53 State of the City 54 Key Problem Areas 55 The Vision Equation: QC = Quality City 56 S-W-O-T Analysis 57 Sector Strategies and Plans 57 Plan Implementation 58 Poverty Alleviation Through Urban Renewal 59 Comments 61 Forward Taguig 63 Process 63 State of the City 64 Key Problem Areas 64 S-W-O-T Analysis 65 Vision 65 Mission 65 Monitoring, Evaluation, and Feedback Mechanism Cities Without Slums Program 66 Comments 68


THE CASE STUDIES 25 Calicut: Partnerships in Growth and Development Process 26 State of the City 26 Summary of Key Problem Areas 27 S-W-O-T Analysis 28 Vision and Mission 28 Sector Strategies 29 Interventions 30 Performance Measurement and Monitoring 31 Cities Without Slums Program 31 Comments 34




SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 70 Lessons Learned 71 What Have We Learned So Far? 71 CDS and the City 71 More Than One Way to Prepare a CDS/CWS Program Participation Is the Key 73 Poverty Reduction Is the Priority 75 Strengthening the Stakeholders 76 CDS Should be Proactive and Incentive-Based 76 Networking to Form Alliances 77 Monitoring Is a Must 77 The RETA in Retrospect 77 The Way Forward 79 Wrap-Up Meetings with Metro Manila Mayors 79 CDS/CWS Program a “Work in Progress” 80 Scaling Up the CWS Program 80 Need for Continued Assistance 80 CA Membership and Follow-on Technical Assistance Increasing Donor Collaboration 81 Collaboration with the Central Government 81 REFERENCES 82



APPENDIXES 85 1 Guidelines for Preparing a City Development Strategy 2 Guidelines for Preparing a Cities Without Slums Program LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Text Boxes 1 Key...
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