Strategies to Improve Cross-Cultural Relations

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: April 11, 2011
trategies to improve cross-cultural relations:
Here we take a systematic look at approaches people can use on their own along with training programs designed to improve cross-cultural relations. A. Develop Cultural Sensitivity
B. Focus on Individuals Rather than Groups
C. Respect all Workers and Cultures
D. Value Cultural Differences
E. Minimize Cultural Bloopers/embarrassments
F. Participate in Cultural Training
G. Foreign language training
H. Diversity training
A. Develop Cultural Sensitivity:
To relate well to someone from a foreign country, a person must be alert to possible cultural differences.Cultural sensitivity is an awareness of and a willingness to investigate the reasons why people of another culture act as they do. A person with cultural sensitivity will recognize certain nuances in customs that will help build better relationships from cultural backgrounds other than his or her own. Raise your antenna and observe carefully what others are doing. B. Focus on Individuals Rather than Groups:

Get to know the individual rather than relying exclusively on an understanding of his/her cultural group. Instead of generalizing about the other person’s characteristics and values, get to know his or her personal style. C. Respect all Workers and Cultures:

An effective strategy for achieving cross-cultural understanding is to simply respect all others in the workplace, including their cultures. An important component of respect is to believe that although another person’s culture is different than yours, it is equally good. Respect can translate into specific attitudes, such as respecting a co-worker for wearing an African costume to celebrate Kwanza. Also, respect the rights of majorities. D. Value Cultural Differences:

Recognizing cultural differences is an excellent starting point in becoming a multicultural worker, one who can work effectively with people of different cultures. If you place a high value on cultural differences, you will perceive...
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