Strategies of Burberry

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From its founding in 1856, Burberry has become the leading British luxury brand globally. The brand is defined by:
Authentic outerwear heritage
Historic icons: the trench coat, trademark check and Prorsum knight logo •Democratic luxury positioning
Innovation and intuition

The business is driven by:
Design, marketing and retail-led strategies
Digital focus and integration
Channel diversity: retail, digital commerce, wholesale and licensing •Multi-category competency: non-apparel, womenswear, menswear and childrenswear •Global reach and balance: across core regions and emerging markets

The culture is distinguished by:
Core values: to protect, explore and inspire
Democratic and meritocratic ethos
Collaboration and connectedness
Contributing to its communities, including through the Burberry Foundation

Unified and passionate teams are responsible for maintaining the integrity and vitality of this extraordinary brand while continuing to develop a business which remains relevant to ever-evolving markets and consumer tastes. The following pages outline the Group’s strategy under each of its five key themes.

Leveraging the franchise
Intensifying non-apparel development
Accelerating retail-led growth
Investing in under-penetrated markets
Pursuing operational excellence
Through more coordinated use of brand assets and greater integration of its global organisation, Burberry has the opportunity to enhance consumer responsiveness and operate more efficiently and effectively. This potential lies both in the front and back-of-house operations. In 2010/11 Burberry was again included in Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands; was awarded the 2010 British Graduate 100 Award for ‘Where Fashion Graduates Want to Work’; and was recognised as the 13th most innovative company in the world by Fast Company magazine, as well as receiving the Inaugural Innovation Award at the 2010 British Fashion Awards. Product and marketing excellence underpin this brand momentum. Key highlights in 2010/11 include: Marketing innovation

Launched new site
The rollout of the new website began in the fourth quarter of 2010/11, with the site live in six languages and transactional across 45 countries by the year end. The site, known as Burberry World, is the ultimate expression of the Burberry brand, allowing customers globally – in many cases for the first time – to connect with all its aspects, from heritage, to music and video, to the full product offer. Through the use of dynamic audiovisual content the site becomes a place to engage, entertain and interact, as well as providing the ultimate online luxury shopping experience through a personalised customer service offer that includes the ability to Click to Chat and Click to Call in real time and in 14 languages. The site provides a powerful locus for ongoing efforts to build the Burberry community around the world. •Extended luxury leadership position in social media

Engaging with social media is a further critical part of the Group’s strategy to connect customers with the Burberry brand. In 2010/11, Burberry further built its leadership position amongst luxury brands on Facebook, ending the year with approaching five million fans, as well as almost 200,000 followers on Twitter and over four million channel views on YouTube. A key milestone in late 2010/11 was the launch of the brand on Chinese social media sites Sina Weibo, Kaixin001, Douban and YouKu, having launched country-specific Twitter accounts in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Turkey and Korea earlier in the year. The Group’s own social media site,, continued to inspire people around the world and across generations to share their experiences of the iconic trench coat. By the end of the year, the site had received more than 11 million page views since its launch in November 2009. •Continued...
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