Strategies in Using Ict for Teyl: Difficulties, Possibilities and Pitfalls

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  • Published: May 9, 2013
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SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang


This study focused on teacher’s background in TEYL, teaching strategies used, the role of institution in TEYL and the arrangement of classroom that influence TEYL. It also focused on the use of ICT and its influence as a new paradigm in TEYL. The research is designed by using questionnaire given to 24 English teachers in TK. Harapan Mulia Palembang. The choice of the institution based on the consideration that this institution deals with a combination of two specific markets in TEYL i.e. Kindergarten and Elementary School. The result of this research shows the background of teacher, strategies used the role of institution in teaching learning process, the classroom arrangement and the introduction of ICT in TEYL.

Key words: Teacher’s Background, Teaching Strategies, the Role of Institution, Classroom Arrangement, and the Use of ICT in TEYL

Background of the Study
Teaching English for Young Learners has become more popular. Parents now view that it is an essential for their children to have English early in kindergarten before they go to Elementary School. In addition to this fact, there are many institutions that provide English in the teaching process from these two levels. As the result, children were introduced to learn English at their early age. Since these young learners are unique in their characteristics, teachers who involve in TEYL should have some requirements to make the teaching learning process successful. The development of technology also influences teaching learning process in the classroom including in TEYL. This study is designed to investigate the requirements of being a teacher in TEYL, the role of the institution in TEYL, the strategies used by the teachers, the influence of classroom organization and the use of ICT in TEYL. All these factors will give much contribution to the...
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