Strategies Can Be Used by Businessman to Protect Their Firms’ Market.

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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This article is giving experience suggestion that certain definite strategies can be used by businessman to protect their firms’ market. Corporation today compete on an international basis, so must have an appropriate international business strategy which can give comparative advantage. Yet the managers rarely have a systematic approach to their international business operation. The insular company with unattractive options is losing market share and margin. To deal with this dilemma requires a conceptual framework to analyze and predict patterns of international competition and subsequently develop an integrate system of investment, marketing, pricing and financial program. The main elements of this analytical framework for strategy formulation are market segmentation, cost volume relationship and portfolio management. Product Market segmentation is a way of analyzing the competitive of new demand-supply developments for strategy purpose. A product market segmentation is determined by the economics of supplying, a customer group with a common purchasing attribute. Many companies have difficulty competing with internationally oriented competitors despite an understanding of world trade patterns because they lack basis insights about changes in market segments. Major successes in world markets, despite overall industry declines, they are attributable to an extension of a clear segmentation concept. Product market segment exists if there is a sharp differential in the cost of or ability to supply a given product to end-user group. A market segment therefore defines a particular relationship between revenues and expenditures. Any large change in this relationship indicates a strategy problem. One type of emerging market segment is the development of markets in follower countries. Dominating a market segment means controlling market share. Loss of dominance means loss of world market share. Cost-Volume relationship is the level of activity of a company...
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