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Topics: Viettel Mobile, Mobile phone, GSM Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: April 15, 2012
As the forth mobile network to operate in Vietnam, Viettel Group has achieve certain remarkable accomplishments during a decade of operating due to its effective orientation and strategy. In this part, Viettel’s business strategy will be mentioned and analyzed to assess its effectiveness with respect to Viettel’s success.

2.1. Viettel’s business strategy: Growth as a low-cost provider

Concerning telecommunication business, Viettel, since its forming, has always made move to improve its competitive and performance as a low-cost provider as to serve a broad spectrum of customers.

Low-cost provider: Viettel has developed a wide range of subscribing packages with notably low cost for particular groups of targets such as Hi-school, SumoSim, Father and Child, Student Sim, Happy Zone, etc for prepaid, and Family, Corporate, etc for postpaid, which all have remarkably preferential prices for the customers targeted. •Price reduction and promotion: Promotional gifts and doubled prepaid fee are familiar content of the news Viettel’s customers often receive. The 12 promotional news updated in Viettel’s website that people can note during the three months from January 2011 to end of March 2011(Viettel Telecom, 2011) are clear example of Viettel’s promotional and price reduction attempts. •Various additional service: At the moment, Viettel has 26 additional services, namely MMS, iBox, iComic, i-Muzik, I-Mail, Mobile Internet 2G, Mobile Internet 3G, Iweb, I-Share, Roaming, Phonesafe, MCA, DailyExpress, etc (Viettel Telecom, 2011) •Network developing: Before the new Lunar Year, Viettel has finished establishing 3300 new base transceiver station (BTS) 2G and 3G, and 12 new mobile switching centre (MSC), increasing capacity of Viettel’s central exchange office by 15 million new subscribers, meeting the demand of 180 million call/hour. And this was not to mention the fact that Viettel, as an army-run corporation, has launched the setting up of BTS from far North of...
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