Strategic Training Management

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z3404069 Devin Adriel Kusumawidjaja

The management of training
2012 Semester 2
Assignment: Investigating the Strategic Training of Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Lecturer: Professor Ian Hampson
Due Date: 19 October 2012
Word Count: 5,674

Table of contents
Company Background4
Strategic training in Shangri-la hotels and resorts5
Shangri-La Care Program7
Departmental training programs10
Managerial Training programs14
Corporate management trainees (inside) and corporate executive trainees14
Corporate management trainees (outsider)16
Other flexible training programs19
Analysis of training program of Shangri-La hotel20
Appendix1 Training material example25
Appendix2 Training material example26
Appendix3 Training material example27

The practices of the training initiated in the companies to equip their employees to maximize the capabilities as well as knowledge. It is mentioned by the strategic human resource management researchers that training is an activity that aims to influence individuals’ behavior in their efforts to articulate and implement the needs of the organization (Anvari 2010). The training programs become important for company to reach their objectives, increase productivity and also increase the quality of labor market. The cost occurred in conducting training will be counted as an investment where the objectives is to achieve the specific needs of the company through the encouragement on labors’ commitment (Anvari 2010). Strategic training has been arguably best fit for organizational development. It admitted by the Strategic Human Resource Management that training is a tool to the approach of alignment internal and external of the company. It gives adjustment of the business widely in the internal organization as the control of its resources when the organization actually standing in the competitive external environment (Horwitz 1999). Moreover, internal fits usually concern on strategic goals and policies, vision, mission, actual behavior, and policy performance at operational level. Therefore, the goals create competitive strategies that push the company further to develop themselves into innovation, quality enhancement and cost reduction (Horwitz 1999). Training plays a main important role in implementation of the strategic goals when it is designed following the needs and purpose of the organizational goals.

In this paper, the training practices of Shangri-La Hotel Sydney will be utilized as an example case for strategic training study. Shangri-La used organizational culture as mobiliser and control of the employee as a whole towards its objective. Organizational culture plays an important role in fostering the innovation and exploitation in the organization through its individuals (Lin & McDonough 2011). The data was gathered by interviews on few people including the training officer and few employees to get the feedback about the training. Besides, direct observation on the company also conducted. Writer investigated the attributes that match to the strategic training studies followed by the existing initiated steps to cover training needs analysis, designs, delivery, and evaluation.

In comparison, the National Training System in Australia that government suggests as basic service skill training that purposely to answer the corporate responsibilities to the quality increment of labor market, Government and industry (SSA 2009). Shangri-La Hotel International Management (SLIM) has developed its own training package to be standardized internationally. The material has been adjusted according to the Shangri-La’s values and goals, as well as the cost that incurred. The National Training System applied under the vocational education and training to provide skills and knowledge. The system involves of a network of State and Territory...
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