Strategic Supply Chain Management

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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This paper identifies a detailed comparison of best practices in supply chain strategies, with a focus on demand forecasting and collaborating information. Supply chain management is an area of importance. This paper is based on a survey of a large number of publications on supply chain management (books, conference papers and journal articles) for context and an industry expert interview. This literature review analyses the case study of a Taiwanese semi-conductor company, Tekcon to show its best practice supply chain strategy. The key objective is to develop a solid theoretical. The opinion is based upon which existing, and prospective business applications can be assessed in the context of logistics and supply chain decision making at different levels. Topics covered in this literature review include supply chain structure, operating models, distribution processes, supply chain strategy and business strategy linkage and future supply chain improvement initiatives. In addition, collaboration between supply chain and its partners, role of information technology, facilitating competitive advantage through the supply chain, operational efficiency issues and ability to customize processes to suit demand profiles are thoroughly discussed. This paper will analyze the existing best practices of Tekcon with respect to a literature review of supply chain best practice and all the above areas.

Keywords: Supply chain, Best practice, Tekcon

Comparison of Best Practices Supply Chain Strategy

What makes a supply chain organization best in class? What is a supply chain best practice? The answers may vary from company to company. However, many leading companies seem to share certain philosophies, processes and methods which made their organizations best-in-class. Karen Butner, global supply chain management leader for the IBM Institute for Business Value boils it all down to one common factor: “Top supply chains all have the ability to respond quickly to shifts in demand with innovative products and services” (Blanchard, 2010). This study analyzes Tekcon’s supply chain and assesses its operation in terms of its supply chain best practice strategy.

Firstly, the focus of this review will be on the background of Tekcon Electronics, its network design and operating model, its collaboration with suppliers and customers, its flow of supply chain and its competitive positioning in the semi-conductor industry.

Secondly, the review discusses keychallenges encountered in Tekcon current supply chain design and how they can affect in achieving a systematic approach for measuring supply chain maturity and excellence.

Thirdly, a review of key best practices explored in the existing literature on supply chain management strategy will be presented. Furthermore, the best practice of Tekcon supply chain will be discovered and extensively compared against a comprehensive review of supply chain best practice complied from research, journals and articles.

Finally, the reviewexplains possible recommendations and explains some of the best practices that Tekcon can adopt to raise competitive advantage. Furthermore, the review provides a summary and some conclusions in terms of moving towards a clarified approach to successful supply chain management.

Introduction to Case Study of Tekcon

Tekcon was established on December 1st, 1984. Since then, Tekcon has been striving to increase customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products with excellent quality service.“Create value and pursuetotalsatisfaction for all customers” has been their management principles for nearly three decades. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of electronics products such as dry pitch, SMT, High-temperature connectors for competitive PC industry, for industrial instrumentation as well as for telecommunications equipment in timely and cost-effective manner. They have developed their own...
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